Welcome to Geek's Crate!

Everyone loves a story....for us this all started many years ago. My friends and I have been lifelong Geeks. From catching the latest movies, visiting comic shops in different cities, to attend couple comic cons. A good friend of mine has definitely dominated the Comic Book genre personally collecting over 15,000 comics. Don't believe it?  Here's his garage:

After scouring the internet and local shops for designs and collectibles that we just couldn't seem to find we decided to go into business for ourselves.  We've created some awesome relationships along the way that allow us to bring you fully licensed products to some of the most in demand and hardest to find topics out there.  

This journey, so far, truly has been such an awesome experience and we're ecstatic that you've chosen to allow us to introduce ourselves to you, and hopefully begin a long standing relationship where we can debate the multitude of topics in our Geek Universe.  

We are always looking for great opportunities to expand our brand so don't be shy with your ideas and suggestions.  Drop us an email at support@geekscrate.com and we'll be happy to give it a look and serious consideration.

Once again, welcome!